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Certified Spiritual Mindset Coach and Bestselling Author supporting high-achievers in owning their Divine Design.
How do you know when it's time to get support for your spiritual mindset? 


*You're drawn back into replaying past hurt in your mind.

*You're stuck in a cycle of procrastination.

*You feel overwhelmed by obstacles in life.

*You're plagued with anxiety and fatigue from worry.

Your self talk is toxic, judgmental, and successful in making you feel incapable and unworthy of what you desire.

*You've tried new schedules/routines but can't seem to follow through and commit.

*You're not sure if God has a special space and place just for you.

*You either do not know what your divine design is or struggle to fully commit to your current pathway in life.

*Are a gifted servant to others while struggling to find value in yourself.

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Obedience and a dose of humor has gotten Taralyn much farther than stepping over the line into His, God's, territory. A once reluctant servant, Taralyn is now humbly energized and open to be led wherever God chooses for her to go...

About "The Ultimate Release"

"You will feel moments of hilarity, seriousness, sadness, and even regret. It is refreshing to read content that is not diluted with fluff but organically authentic. My favorite thing is that the information does not feel forced. I almost felt as if I was sitting with the author having a conversation one-on-one."

~Billy Wroe

CEO 1st Wroe

The Ultimate Release is a journey that draws readers in and creates reflective moments. Although a reader may not be able to relate to some experiences, many readers with connect to the challenges we all share when trying to navigate human emotion.

This read is a truly thought provoking experience that imparts wisdom and a way forward.

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"The journey begins the moment you accept God's invitation"

"The Grind is So Official!"


The Grind Defined Podcast tackles real world challenges while adding a spiritual context that is thought-provoking and inspiring.

Join Taralyn Michell for a smooth, melodic atmosphere infused with urban influences and an artistic flair that relaxes, arms, and entertains.

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