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Meet Taralyn Michelle Professional Ghostwriter

Have you ever wondered what is a ghostwriter, the process, and if working with a ghostwriter is the right choice for you? 

Click on the video below to learn more about Taralyn, her process, and how partnering with a professional could take your project to the next level.

To learn more about companion (partner) writing projects, email Taralyn at


Companion Writing

Ready to Get Published


Non- fiction Only

Couple Meditating
Working from Home

Go from UNTOLD to BOLD and live your favor out loud!

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Spiritual and Religious


Relationships and Sex

Open Book

Come on, you know you need help with that manuscript....

Inspirational and Self Help

Take Your Story from Your Mind to a Manuscript

It's time to stop letting year after year pass without your story being told. If you can't get started or are stuck, get the support you need to move forward.


Take the next step and schedule time with Taralyn today!


Do you have questions? Email Taralyn here.

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Keith O.,
Dallas, Texas

My review holds a 5 star rating. 

Taralyn is definitely walking in her calling. She made my process so easy and was able convey my story exactly how I wanted it to received by the readers..

LaToya J.,
Atlanta, Georgia

A very beautiful experience.


It made the completion of this book much easier allowing me more time to focus on other endeavors.

Kansas City, Missouri

Taralyn was great to work with! She was able to put my thoughts on paper and make this a easy and fun experience!


It was a blessing to be able to work with her! I definitely recommend!!

Andrea M.,
Mesa, Arizona

Anyone would benefit from her writing talent and attention to professionalism and detail.

Pastor Lisa Shockley

Taralyn did a incredible job putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable, asking the right questions and leading me to tell my story, in my words. 


Blessing and thank you so much Taralyn.

Vanessa M.,
Baltimore, Maryland

Taralyn was amazing to me. She jumped right in helping me meet my deadline and was given a very short window of time to complete.


She came through like a champ and I was very impressed.

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