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Accepting the Invitation

Far too often we stay on a vicious cycle in our life that keeps us running in place. If you're blaming yourself, then that's a part of the problem.

We get caught in that loop when we don't know how the loop began.


A Spiritual Mindset Foundation Reset breaks that loop, resets your mindset, strengthens your God Identity, and helps you connect to and own your Divine Design; your divine purpose and assignment.

Now is the time to get equip to step into your divine assignment and go the distance!

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Taralyn Michelle

The Limited Program

This introductory program is for you if:

*You're drawn back into replaying past hurt in your mind.

*You feel overwhelmed by obstacles in life.

*You're plagued with anxiety and fatigue from worry.

*You tend to procrastinate.

*You need a step by step process to follow with accountability and support.

*You're ready to learn a repeatable process that will grow with you.

*You want to become clear on your God Identity and discover what may be your Divine design and divine purpose.


Program will address:







*Intake assessment


*(3) 45 min 1 to 1 sessions(customized)


*(1) 30 min after program follow-up


*Curated exercises


*The Life I Love Full Color hard cover coffee table anthology(signed) *National Best Seller!


*$125 off future program

 or $65 off future service


 $987 value for $589!

You SAVE 40%

Offer is transferable.

One offer per client.

*This is a Limited/Red Ticket Offer.

Email questions and day/time requests to:

Schedule a complimentary "Get Acquainted" chat to learn more.

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