Damn the Details

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Sometimes it's hard to be OK with not understanding how all of the pieces in life are supposed to fit together. It's human nature to want to tie up loose ends and try to make sense of events. It's natural to want to understand the rhyme or reason. There's a perceived comfort in creating a sense of "closure".

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned is the power of your performance during these times. What we think we want or need for finality in our hearts and minds usually isn't what brings peace. Peace, instead, will come from our decision to be led by what God would have us do.

The "details" are just that - bits and pieces of information skewed like puzzle pieces that can be manipulated so that eventually they'll come together to form a picture. Still, that's just one picture with those pieces; now what's to come of all the other pieces?

It's a saga that can go on and on. The simplicity of faith and obedience to understanding beyond our own makes the details a distraction. Why spend time putting together a puzzle? We can perform and the picture that matters for emotional and spiritual freedom be God's gift to us.

Part of that gift will be the ability to focus on what matters to keep moving forward. Not every piece in any puzzle is needed to complete the picture God wants you to see for your life. When we perform as He would have us to, part of the gift is being shown what matters and being granted peace with those details.

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