5 Ways to Create and Prosper in Your Sacred Space

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

This whole quarantine thing has been quite the experience for us all. The pivot has been embraced for many when it comes to day to day life. By now, you may have decided what your new day to day existence will look like moving forward. Or, you may have embraced what you had to for the moment and planned to implement your “new normal” once life as we knew it goes back into full swing.

No matter where you are with pivoting and navigating your life today it’s more important now than ever to carve out a Sacred Space for yourself. With everything to consider and so much more that is yet to be determined it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are five ways to create and prosper in your Scared Space.

1) Claim Control of the Beginning of Your Day

It's important to be intentional about setting the tone and direction for your day. Far too often we’ll wake up and step right into a list of tasks. Sometimes when you step into tasks for the day you may have brought over pieces of yesterday or last night. You should never step into a fresh day without consciously clearing any clutter, choosing the energy and tone for your day, and owning the order of your priorities. Think of meditation and prayer as a detox for your mind, body, and spirit. Once mind, body, and spirit are detoxified we don’t have to search for clarity. An open space is there for us to choose what we will let in and how we will navigate what we have chosen.

2) Balance, Balance, Balance

With an open space and much to do, be careful to focus on what will propel you forward over the month and not just today. Sure, some things will need to be addressed on this day but to maintain balance practice looking at the big picture. Seeing further ahead will prevent the urge to compound and overwhelm your day. Make it a point to post your goals where they can be seen in your room, around your office, or anywhere in your home that will be a regular visual access point.

It is important to move our goals from our minds and into the world so that we can be accountable and responsible for following through. If you do not have a space for goals and priorities, create one. There is power in being able to see what lay ahead and being able to check off what you are completing along the journey. Balance is a practice that requires the movement of many parts to hone the skill. In order to find your rhythm, MOVE no matter what. A messy move is better than immaculate immobility any day.

3) Know Your Limits

There is always tomorrow. Although you should never put off until tomorrow what can be done today (procrastinate), be aware that doing to get done without a defined purpose could lead to doing to your detriment. Fight the urge to be busy. Being busy does not mean you are being productive. Sometimes choosing stillness and reflection can guide you to make moves that are purposeful and productive. You want to make the most of your time and consciously choose when to move and when to be still while trusting your instincts at that moment. You have the answers within. Choose to listen and allow your inner voice to lead you away from cluttering up your internal spaces. Remember hoarded goals that accumulate in our minds and go addressed and unachieved create feelings of overwhelm and anxiety; the perfect climate to procrastinate.

4) Designate Your Nightly Shutdown

As hard as it may be to shut it down for the evening, it’s very necessary. Now, the time you shutdown may vary from night to night or even week to week. However, being intentional about creating a time where everything related to work and daily tasks stops is key to maintaining a sacred space. This is where seeing the “big picture” of your journey becomes beneficial. Sure, there are many little components of the “big picture” but every little piece has its place and space within the journey.

Knowing this helps us keep perspective on the appropriate time for executing those little pieces as well as being at peace when we put the task down at any given moment. Self-care is essential and you are entitled to moments designated to be selfishly about your decompression. To be the most successful you can respect yourself, your mental and emotional health, and your gifts by selfishly owning your shutdown time. After all, you deserve it!

5) Claim Control of Your Wind-down

Once a time to shut down has been established, it’s important to purge the day from your mind. Sometimes our minds will continue to process and analyze our day and even what tomorrow will bring.

This process can continue on and on preventing restful sleep or getting any sleep at all. The best way to shut the mental machine down is to be intentional about clearing those cluttered spaces of your mind. Meditation will help stop your brain from processing your day. The best way to shift your mind from processing to resting is to sit in a quiet space and decide your intention.

For example, your intention could be to create a space to hear God’s direction. Sit upright with your shoulders down and all limbs relaxed. Make sure you are comfortable. Begin to inhale to the count of five then release and exhale to the count of five. Repeat this process ten times. When taking in and releasing the breath, allow yourself to exhale to release any thoughts that are not in alignment with your intention. If you are new to meditation, understand meditation is a practice that will take deliberate dedication to master.

It is common to have to work at quieting our minds but with consistency and practice, you’ll begin reaping the rewards in no time. If meditation isn’t on your list of things to do before bed, a light workout or full body stretch (yoga) is a powerful option as well. No matter what your journey maybe make sure that you are at the top of your list.

Investing in yourself by being intentional about creating a sacred space for self-care and owning that space is one powerful tool to help reinforce the foundation for your life.

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