Happy Holidays!!!

Whew, it seems as though it took forever to get to the end of this whirlwind we call 2020 but here we are. The truth is despite the challenges, 2020 has been full of triumphs most have overlooked. For one, if you’re reading this you survived. Now more than ever, the routine of waking and allowing our feet to touch the floor at the side of our bed has become the greatest gift to receive.

This year has made it easy to get caught up in our wants as opposed to being grateful for all of the needs that were met despite the unforeseen. Many have had to downsize, regroup, and restrategize. Also, many have flourished and catapulted ahead in the face of unparalleled obstacles and unconventional new norms. No matter what your story has been, you have a story like no other that has added new depth and shape to your mind, body, and spirit.

So, what now? Are you one who starts a new year with a resolution? Or are you more apt to own a new way of being and build from there? Like the photo of the beautiful mannequin dress, a Christmas tree reimagined, what will your journey ahead look like if you reimagined it? Is the goal to get back into normal as you once knew it or are you challenging yourself to reimagine a new normal brought about by a new you who has destroyed the old box containing your old norms?

Is your plan all your own? Or are you choosing to be led by that voice- the spirit within? I ask these questions because I would love for you to think deeply about your Divine Design and the profound meaning in your existence.

I am grateful you have chosen to read this. I feel blessed to know you made it to the end of the year to receive this message. I am in awe of your resilience and humbled by your courage to keep moving in the face of challenges, uncertainties, pains, pivots, and stressors.

But most of all, I am eagerly awaiting to hear from you what your plan will be moving forward! How will you own your Divine Design to do and be great not for 2021 but your life’s journey ahead?

The future, YOUR future, and the Divine Design it takes from this moment forward will begin with what you imagine and the plan you work with God to craft to make it a reality. Know that you exist to impact others around you so step hard into tomorrow so that the ripples caused by your impact are felt for miles.

May you and your family stay safe, be blessed, and be filled with the love of God.

With Much Love and Abundant Blessings,


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