Recognize the Blessing...

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Often we pray and wait for the prayer to be answered in a way that we recognize. It’s almost automatic to want to have a visual or something tangible to make things seem more real. If you think about it, we apply this same way of thinking to many things – relationships for example.

When you mature you know one's actions reinforce one's beliefs. Before your “grown” kicks in the appearance of progress are enough for a while. In time, however, what something looks like and what somethings are like must be in alignment. When you get into this space, you have learned most things aren’t what they seem and not to expect anything; embrace what is and move accordingly.

We are in a time where we should embrace "what is" all while navigating what we can’t see in this physical world with what we envision in our minds. We are in the perfect space to lay a strong foundation for what we envision so those visions can expand on solid ground. This blessing, the additional time that is paid while you work from home for many, is a lottery ticket every one of us should strategically and intentionally cash in. Even for the essential workers the additional time you should spend inside safe from those COVID-19 streets offers the opportunity to own your visions and take action steps toward making moments in your mind tangible in the physical world.

In this capitalistic society time is money and that time, when maximized, can earn you independence from Corporate America. And for those who are already free time can be leveraged to make connections and plans to move you, your connections, and those you serve further along. Simply put, blessings come in many forms and the best ones don’t come as what you expect. Blessings do come as boundless blank spaces waiting to be filled with what we truly desire. Movement can create momentum and a burning desire to produce because success within those spaces is the only option. So, tell me – what do you see?


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