Talent vs Gift – Connecting to Your Divine Design

We all have something we’re good at. You may have several things that make you pop your collar with pride when others stand back and behold your dopeness. When our talents show up, we tend to show out! Who doesn’t want to be known for a special something?

So then why is it that people can have that special thing or things they’re good at and still feel unfulfilled and left wanting? Talents can have that effect. Being able to do something well will never be enough if that something is not your gift. So how can we tell the difference?

Divine Design

I believe that we are all Divinely Designed with a special something, a gift, that is specific to us for a specific purpose in service to others. This gift goes far beyond talent. Talent can be taught. Talent can be picked up from observation and study then mimicked to resemble the original. A gift, however, is innate. People can try to copy it, study it, replicate it, etc. At the end of the day, nothing will ever come close to the original because the original is an imprint God put on a soul. In being innate, the intricacies of this gift as well as the method of operation at conception are unknown to all who are not the owner.

It is helpful to embrace our talents because they serve an important purpose in building confidence and skill. Becoming dedicated to owning our gifts, on the other hand, is critical. Our gifts are how we realize our purpose at conception and live out that purpose in this world. Talents will help us maintain while gifts will sustain. We all have things we are doing and the reasons we have told ourselves we’re choosing to do them. If you sat quietly and explored your reasons, would they be superficial?

What end will your reasons, that propel your actions, bring? What’s the agenda? The goal? Are your reasons shaped around and supporting talents or gifts? If you have identified and are using a gift(s), are you moving as directed, or are you in control of your movements? No matter where you are as you read this, your “true north” should be making moves because of your Divine Design or making moves to discover your Divine Design.

You’re here because you are the only one with your assignment and the innate gift(s) necessary to carry out your mission in service! So get to work!

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