The Run and the Rebuild

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

There’s nothing like the overwhelming brightness of the sun at 6 am on a warm Florida morning. As I rounded the corner of the road and take in the gentle sway of the tops of the trees with the morning medley of nature, I can feel the light mist of sweat on my shoulders being cooled by the wind. Each stride is wider and the pace faster to warm up my body.

Inhale and exhale smooth and steady as I press forward faster and harder until that up-tempo walk becomes a smooth and gentle jog. I keep my gaze dead ahead blocking out everything in my peripheral. The only thing that matters is owning this space, one I fought long and hard to reach and I have to push even harder to maintain longer than I did on the previous level.

Faster, harder, steady, and smooth – this groove is one that’s as invigorating as it is challenging. I committed to four minutes and at only two minutes in I find myself focusing on the time instead of the experience. Then I regained focus and reminded myself that the time will pass no matter how I choose to spend it; I chose to turn my attention back to my form. I reconnected to my breathing and made sure my body was aligned correctly. Inhale and exhale smooth and steady, watch out world this girl is ready and burning up this pavement.

And just like that my alert snaps me back to the moment - it’s time to slow to a brisk walk. As sweat saturates my breasts and pools on my forehead just behind the bill of my cadet style burgundy cap I’m feeling proud of my effort.

I survived interval one and after the sixty-second brisk walk, it’s time for interval two on up until interval six. This process is how you build endurance and strength over time to condition you for running. Slow, steady, and consistent is the key, and stacking intervals is how you get there. Very similar is the process for creating, reinforcing, or expanding your foundation for which you erect components of your life. The process is evolutionary and may have you taking steps forward, pivoting, taking some backward only to forge forward double-time again.

But why is this process acceptable when building our temples (our bodies) and difficult when establishing the foundation of our lives? It’s as if stopping mid mayhem to regroup in our lives garners a penalty of sorts. The average person who decides to commit in any way to improving the way they eat and maintain their body is agreeing in the beginning that some things will have to be disrupted. The same is true when you inadvertently become a passenger in your life.

You’ll know you’re a passenger when your day to day amounts to going through the motions and moving all while getting further from where you’d like to be. Once the choice is made to disrupt what’s become your routine, identify and break that pattern, clear clutter, infuse meaning, value, purpose, and intentionality you’re ready. Ready to revamp and make movements that are purposeful and not merely habitual. You’re ready to put interval training in place for your life and give yourself permission to focus, grind, unwind, occasionally backtrack, pivot and repeat.

And once your foundation is in place know that the skills you’ve learned will need to be revisited so archive and don’t discard. You will continue to grow so in time you will have to reinspect your foundation to see how things are holding up. That’s the process and it’s ok. When should you begin? Well, why put off until tomorrow what you could do today. So, you tell me - what’s your next move?


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