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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

When word started to spread that I’d written a book, reactions were mixed. I can’t say that I was surprised by those who were intrigued and concerned all at the same time. That girl and her mouth were all they remembered. To say that I could be slightly combustible back in the day would be putting it mildly. Although I will say I have chosen to own “combustible” as an accurate description because that consensus was one shared by many – some of which knew one another and me and quite a few who didn’t know each other at all.

I was the common denominator in the once quaint villages I left in smoldering ashes in my wake. Ok, that’s a little dramatic since my antics never led to villages being incinerated. Personal property? I plead the fifth – “one, two three, four, FIF!” in my Dave Chappelle voice.

Beyond the intrigue and concern came the most common question of all, why? Well, I’d like to be able to say there was some intellectually sharp epiphany that came to mind drawing me toward writing a book but I can’t. The “why” is much simpler than that. God shared with me in a dream to take a step beyond where I was.

Although I had long since moved past the weight of navigating the emotions associated with challenges in my life, I soon came to learn it was time to connect all of the dots between some of the lessons. I woke up from a dream with the idea of going through my notes and journals to see what stuck out; The Ultimate Release was born. The lessons dictated the story and the story broadened the depth in which I was able to reflect and to see myself in a way I hadn’t. Sometimes we're so busy moving forward that we can forget the power of revisiting how far we've come with fresh eyes and a renewed mind. Because of this, I now understand others in a way I couldn't have before.

No matter the type of client- individual, couples, or business- all shared the same challenges with navigating and controlling the emotion associated with situations. No matter how different the circumstances were, how each felt, and how they reacted to how they felt was the common thread. I gained a personal, professional, and spiritual presence that has given me new life as well as a new lesson to add to my list.

LESSON: We are all souls with many extensions stemming from central roots. Unraveling an extension is just the beginning of traveling to that roots source.

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