The Ultimate Release 'Paperback'

Imagine waking day after day feeling as though you’re a prisoner in your own body and mind; polluted spaces crowded with fear, self-hate, shame, anger, and hopelessness. Your body, which is designed to be a temple of purity and purpose as God intended, has become a shell from which your only escape appears to be death.


Things are never as they appear when your flesh is the shot caller and you choose to abandon your God Identity. Taralyn would soon learn what she had been living was her version of truth constructed by wounds she never knew existed. Yet, God’s truth lay just around the dark corners of her heart and crowded spaces of her mind where prayers once said never died. In God’s time, Taralyn would be invited on a quest that would guide her through the Creation of the Void, walk her toward the support of The Roundtable, and reconstruction her of soul via a Release Strategy.


This transparent rollercoaster of emotion will take readers shoulder to shoulder with Taralyn on the ultimate voyage. Witness Taralyn’s discovery of the truth of who she was designed to be by God, the eradication of her false reality in the present, and glory and privilege of her dedication to service under God’s direction in her future.

The Ultimate Release 'Paperback'


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