“Very revealing of your strength from within. The Ultimate Release sends the message that with God’s
help, we can overcome anything. Very Inspirational!”

Elizabeth S.

My introduction to Taralyn Singletary was through Health Coach Institute, last summer. I was immediately
struck by her compassion as well as her knowledge about coaching others. Taralyn has so much to offer
the world!  I know she will be an asset to any organization/network she chooses. I believe wholeheartedly,
Taralyn Singletary is the "real deal"!

Ellen B.

High School English/Speech Teacher (Retired)

“The vulnerably written story of a personal journey to which many can relate. One that will push
many to look deeper at what it means to pursue healing while coming to grips with their own
complicity in broken relationships. With breathtaking honesty, the author shares her
metamorphosis that leads to becoming an authentic human being. Not only does the author freely
share her life, she invites each reader into their own transformation.”

Felecia M.

Taralyn Singletary's new book ”The Ultimate Release” is rich with humor and very intense with real talk that everyone can identify with. The author draws you in with her candid conversation throughout the book with detailed and very descriptive content.


The Ultimate Release is definitely a rollercoaster ride that will have you holding on to your seat and yelling as you turn each page. However you don’t want to get off the rollercoaster because you know there is another jarring dip approaching. Taralyn’s transparency allows you to embrace her inner thoughts while channeling into your very own. 


What I love most about The Ultimate Release was the ability to be invited to the “Roundtable” and hear such great wisdom…..a table where things began to unravel because only the truth can be heard. 


This is a must read that will help you experience your release. Taralyn walks you through the process giving you clear precise directions on the who,what and the how.

Rochinda Pickens

Shecondria H.

All Things Nourished

I was blessed with the opportunity to be coached by Taralyn. This experience was so much more than I ever could have imagined.  I started the session very nervous and unsure.  Taralyn seemed to instantly sense this and brought a presence on our call that was calming, reassuring, and empowering.  She was very easy to open up to and share my inner most thoughts.  As our session proceeded, I begin to feel very confident in myself and the foundation that we established for moving forward with my own work in the process and our work together. 
Taralyn is such an awesome coach!!