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Being sound in body from the inside out.


Achieving a standard of overall good health begins with caring for the inside so that your good work is reflected on the outside.

The Reset

Aligning who I am with the Great "I AM".

Imagine waking up one morning and looking in the mirror only to have the reflection leave you in total disbelief. Who in the hell is that?


I mean, I knew it was me but the woman in that mirror wasn’t an accurate representation of the woman I envisioned when I daydreamed of the best version of myself.


I was over 40 and over feeling lost and like a passenger in my own body. My energy was drained, my metabolism slow, my joints achy, and things I once loved to do became a chore. 

I soon learned my reflection of myself had nothing to do with what my body had become. My reflection had everything to do with what my mindset had become.


My physical appearance was the manifestation of what I believed to be true and possible in my life. My reflection showed the truth about my personal value and how that truth impacted my ability to relinquish control in the physical and allow control in the spiritual.


It was time to embrace a fresh foundation for my life that would remove, replace, and restore values.

it took 7 weeks to change my life...
Soup that's good for the soul and waistline...
Living the rewards of the journey
Support for my skin, joints, hair, and overall health...
The walk continues and so does the progress...
I bring my own rays to join the suns...
Smart, tasty choices..
Work hard, SLAY harder...
It'll take a lifetime to refine my journey...
Relaxing and reflecting...
Personal value manifested...
Tea and winddown time..
Keep on moving...
Light and lean...
Loving nature and myself...
Work hard...
What the GLOW up looks like! Check that deep bronzed inner glow radiating outward!

The Renewal

Appreciating His grace by owning my place.

Renewal for our temple and our physical health is a 3-part process meant to A.R.M. us for success:

Assessment: Knowing where you are physically, your goals, and what it would take to achieve your goals is key.

Regimen: Establishing a routine, a plan for execution, and ensuring you have every item you need on hand is critical in achieving and maintaining your goals. A routine makes accountability and responsibility a natural habit.

Mindset: Creating a climate for my mind that supports consistency and fuels me since my mind is the foundation for everything I do. 

Beyond the Physical

With a process in place, I was blessed to be introduced to clean supplements to support my efforts.


I began my mindset shift, new physical lifestyle, and began taking the highest grade liquid collagen available.


My results were amazing! I had to share not only my holistic approach to complete wellness but the value in healing from the inside out with my sisters.

I'm not interested in looking good on the outside while still struggling with gut issues, squeaky joints, a slow metabolism, thinning hair, weak nails, and dull skin.


I wanted the outside of my body to reflect the health of the inside of my body and liquid collagen has done that for me.


I'll share with you my arsenal that has gotten me where I am today!


Lean & Strong Combo
Healthy Breakfast
Glorious Gut & Glow
Essential Oils
Avocado & Balsamic Salad
Gut Health Reset & Restore
Pilates Practice on a Reformer
Veggie Deluxe Sandwich
Goddess Glow Up Combo
Candles and Essential Oils
Fruit, Oats, & Greek Yogurt
Hit the Pavement
Embracing imperfections; tools for refinement.

Click on the images to see the supplements I use as well as different aspects of my lifestyle. I found my reasons to reset, renew, and revive.

It's time to revive your body, reset your mind, take ownership of your emotions, and do it all with a community of women on the same journey.


Glowing skin
Hair growth
Glowing skin
Hair growth
Glowing skin
Hair regrowth
Weight loss
Rejuvenated skin and weight loss

The sisterhood, team members, business partners, and Goddess connections from all over have found their reasons which include: RESULTS!

Understand that our body is our physical station for follow-through.


Coming up with an idea and method means nothing if you're too unhealthy to physically execute the mission.

Investing our time, energy, and finances in our quality of life is a necessity we can't afford to deny or ignore.


Caring for our temple shows respect for the gift of life God grants us each day we wake.

Living life healthy and favored over 40 is a blessing! The best part is having the opportunity to share all I've learned to change every aspect of my life with the sisterhood. All that's missing is having YOU join Team Taralyn!

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Let's journey together to live the best life we can!